Our Business Developer presents Thermocoax Semiconductor

How is Thermocoax involved in the Semiconductor market? What are the advantages of working with Thermocoax? Take a listen or read the responses of Nathalie Delattre, our Business Developer. 

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semicon water tube heater
semicon radiative plate
semicon heating plate
semicon chuck

THERMOCOAX, a leading manufacturer of mineral insulated cable, develops heating solutions for the Semiconductor equipment industry.

We offer custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities for thermocouples, high temperature uniformity performance chucks up to 450mm, pedestal heaters, heating plates, and heated Feedthroughs up to 1000C.

Since 1957 THERMOCOAX is delivering high temperature heating solutions used in the most severe environments. Nowadays, you can find THERMOCOAX heaters and sensors throughout Semiconductor equipment worldwide.

THERMOCOAX is the first choice for OEM needs when it comes to select a reliable heating solution. The failure rate for Thermocoax’s True Cold End heaters are 4 times lower than our competitors’ solutions.