Thermocoax Group expertise & Capabilities


THERMOCOAX offers its expertise in custom heating and temperature measurement solutions to leading companies within dedicated niche markets on a worldwide level offering tailor made solutions.
All the industries on this Earth include THERMOCOAX in their applications : from Spactial programs to electricity through smartphone screens….


THERMOCOAX Group provides an unmatched combination of engineering and manufacturing capabilities to solve the most complex design and performance requests such as :

  • Engineering and full technical assistance at every stage of your project
  • Assembly workshops offering semi-finished products as well as full assemblies
  • Welding : Laser, Plasma, TIG
  • Brazing : torch and vacuum
  • Calibration services
  • 3D design development
  • Computer Aided Thermal and Mechanical Modeling

Our In-house laboratory is equipped to perform all kinds of aging experiments as well as qualifications according to customers’ requirements and official standards.