Meet Nathalie Delattre, Thermocoax’s Semiconductor Business Developer

I’m Nathalie Delattre, I’ve been a Business Developer at Thermocoax for the Semiconductor Market since 2015.

An experienced partner for the Semiconductor market


The past years have been very challenging for the Semiconductor team at THERMOCOAX. We faced huge ramps up from our customers. Our activity grew fast and we had to grow accordingly. We are very proud of the investment of all our team during this period that allows us to be part of this success.

We offer custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities for thermocouples, high temperature uniformity performance chucks up to 450mm, pedestal heaters, heating plates, and heated Feedthroughs up to 1000C.

Why are customers coming to work with Thermocoax ?

We are offering complex thermal solutions with 3D mechanical parts that incorporate our heating elements and temperature sensors. Our strength is that we master all those manufacturing capabilities internally with a copy exact process dedicated to semiconductor applications, such as high precision machining, welding, soldering, test and qualification, control …

Thermocoax specialises in custom designs that involve a continuous dialogue with our partners to ensure that their requirements are met. We can manage a diverse range of solutions, including:

Engineering competences and prototyping capacities

In the semiconductor market, machine manufacturers at different stages of the wafer manufacturing process are looking for high performing heating solutions that meet cutting edge specifications in terms of design, uniformity, reputability and lifetime. Our engineering competences and no-how, our prototyping capacities and our knowledge of Mineral Insulated Cables allow us to offer unique solutions to our customers.

Our mission is to support and provide our customers with more reliable, efficient services and solutions. We provide custom mineral cable heaters with the wattage required to get optimal temperature uniformity and process control.


Would you like to contact Nathalie and our team to discuss your needs? Don’t hesitate to request a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.