From MI cable to heater

THERMOCOAX ISOPAD cable, tape and silicon mat specialty heaters are mostly used in the atmosphere, for example, Labs and clean room heating tape : Superb performance with low contamination.

Low contamination silicone heater :

  • Heating Tape for Clean Room
  • Very Low contamination
  • 2.255 nanograms/liter (baking 200°C)
  • Temperature: up to 600°C

THERMOCOAX ISOPAD Low Contamination Heater Tape IT-ITS/SS


Applications: Heater (atm) for use in places that don't tolerate contamination, like cleanrooms

THERMOCOAX ISOPAD  IT-IT/SS is a factory finished mineral insulating tape with laser welded joints. The tape has a go and return MI element embededded in a highly compressed mineral insulant covered by a malleable metal sheath.

The tape is excellent for use 

  • Technical Data
  • Frequency                                 50-60Hz at 240/110Vac
  • Power per meter                        50/100/200/300 W/m
  • Max operating temperature        500°C at 50 / 100W/m
  • 400°C  at 200W/m
  • 300°C at 300W/m
  • Area specifications
  • Non-hazardous, ordinary area
  • Ingress protection                      IP68
  • Electrical protection class           1
  • Maximum withstand temperature 600°C
  • Standard manufacturing sizes
  • Width 25mm +/-10%
  • Thickness          4mm +/-10%

Anti-condensation Silicone Mat


Custom Silicone Heating Mats and heating jackets 

  • Custom shape and accessories: metal backings, fixings,cutouts, controllers
  • 3D shaping option
  • Temperature: up to 200°C

THERMOCOAX ISOPAD Silicone heating mat IP-SM

Application :  Hot walls, anti-condensation chamber


THERMOCOAX ISOPAD IP-SM silicone heating mats for semiconductor industry are selected where excellent flexibility and high temperature resistance in thermal processes are needed. Panels customized to your specification are designed with various options, cutouts or shapes.

Technical Data

  • Type                                         Resistance heating cable
  • Insulation material                  Silicone
  • Thermal insulation                   on request
  • Sensor type                              PT100 or Type K thermocouple
  • Max operating temperature 200°C
  • Max length                               2000mm
  • Maximum width                       900mm
  • Thickness                                  2.0 to 4.5 mm
  • Area specifications
  • Non-hazardous, ordinary area
  • Ingress protection                      IP65
  • Electrical protection class           II
  • Storage temperaure                    up to +40°C