Flat Panel Display

From GEN 2 to GEN10, deposition processes related to OLED TV and AMOLED smartphones/tablet screens requiring large size heating plates having better temperature uniformity requirements


  • Long length heaters to avoid connections inside the plates
  • Custom heating cables to match the thermal profile better
  • Heating plates in Aluminium, Stainless steel, Inconel
  • Custom made connectors


GEN2 to GEN10 Plates


  • Advanced thermal modelling during prototyping 
  • Flatness optimization by lowering susceptibility to internal stress
  • True long length cold end heaters = no internal connections
  • Very high temperature THERMOCOAX ceramic metal connectors (650°C)


One of the critical step in the manufacturing process of high resolution screens is the deposition of the active matrix components, the temperature uniformity of the substrate during deposition being a critical parameter.

THERMOCOAX developed several types of plates, made from aluminium to carbon/carbon 3D plates using MI cables

  • Working temperatures :
    1. Aluminium to 350°C
    2. Stainless steel and copper: to 450°C
    3. Custom design for  500°C and above
  • Temperature uniformity <1% ( depends on chamber environments )
  • Internal plates manufacture engineered to optimize  thermal conductivity between the heating elements and the plates
  • Long length heaters ZEZ cold end heaters
  • Applicable for production of high resolution screens and AMOLED
  • Robust and cost effective (MTBF field references since 2005)
  • Suitable for use in air, plasma, high pressure, high frequency or ultra-high vacuum environments

 OLED Shower

  • Custom made heater (sheath/geometry/length)
  • Small diameter heater/bending radius allowing a match to any shape or profiles


Applications : OLED display / Lightning

To apply organic layer onto a substrate, the evaporator is used to vaporize the material with temperature up to 600°C. OLED future is developping toward CFL ( Cross Faded Layer ) superposition leading in complex thermal control solutions

THERMOCOAX has the capability ( Brazing, tIG welding, laser welding, cable production, assembly, etc..) to manufacture the complete application : heater+sensor brazed onto the shower

  • Cold End Mineral insulated cable heaters, single core, dual core or single core with coiled core design for applications requiring low power within a small space
  • Expertise in providing custom size, shape and material thermocouples/heaters
  • Manufacturing process fully controlled : traceability, subcontractor assessment, internal and external audits, regulatory compliance)
  • Project management for large production programs
  • Compactness : Heater with integrated thermocouple within the same MI cable
  • Very fast response-time which allows temperature measurement of very short temperature variations


Flexible Heated Hoses

THERMOCOAX ISOPAD hoses are designed and manufactured to optimise heat uniformity and control characteristics using an integrated temperature sensor and evenly distributed resistive heating elements.


  • INNER HOSE : Polytetrafluoethylene (PTFE) from -70°C to 250°C
  • STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDING : High pressure application with up to 3 layers for operational pressures of up to 500 bar @ 24°C
  • HEATING ELEMENT and SENSOR : Wound around the hose for uniform heat density. Sensor type k or RTD
  • FLEECE: Ensures the sensor and heater remain unchanged during repeated manipulations
  • Decades of engineering experience ensure the hose will maintain the medium being transferred at an even, pre-set temperature, avoiding hot spots or changes in viscosity, eliminating condensation, degradation and crystalization
  • Can be customized in terms of length, composition

The chart below shows the diversity of standard solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information :